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hyuuganejiesthe differences in zuko’s firebending from book 1, book 2, and book 3.

ugh i’m sorry to latch on but i just have to talk about this okay

in season 1, zuko is skilled but obviously still learning. his bending is very sharp and harsh. he has a lot of anger, but he doesn’t know how to control it and i think that distracts him regarding his bending. his desperation to learn more advanced techniques and be stronger shows in his aggression with his firebending.

in season 2, zuko has gotten more skilled, but he’s also very confused. his firebending is more explosive, even excessive, and a little less well-controlled, despite zuko’s clear grasp of technique.

in season 3, zuko is finally coming into his own. he understands his destiny now and while he’s still angry, it has subdued and he’s able to control the anger so that it ENHANCES his bending instead of destabilizing it like it did in the past. in accordance, his bending has gotten more fluid and less aggressive. he shows, especially after the dragon adventure, to have massive amounts power and an adeptness in handling it.

i think, when watching the show, it’s hard to see the subtle shifting of the changes in his firebending, but in this gifset it’s more obvious. ugh i just have a lot of zuko feels okay

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